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Game changing perspectives that challenge the status quo characterize the books and articles by Dr. Brad Bowins ...Read More About The Author

Outing The TRUTH About Sexual Orientation

Outing The TRUTH About Sexual Orientation reveals what sexual orientation is actually comprised of, and how our current understanding of this crucial aspect of who we are sets up neurosis and discrimination. ...Read More




Tipping Point cover

At The Tipping Point: How To Save Us From Self Destruction drills down showing how several of the major problems we are facing, such as rampant greed, unsustainable development, global warming, and obesity, arise from our self-destructive tendencies, and can only be solved by taking this reality into account. ...Read More

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Vasectomy cover

Vasectomy: The Cruelest Cut Of All (The Modern Medical Nightmare Of Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome) debunks the “safe and simple procedure” rhetoric, revealing how the cruelest cut of all produces extensive damaging, culminating in a chronic and often severe pain syndrome in about 15% of vasectomies. ...Read More

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